Wrongfully Executed

Our justice system is responsible for deterring crime and maintaining social control. We rely on our criminal justice system to guarantee our safety and make sure that criminals are not running wild, which is why we have jails. With that being said, the same system that is supposed to be protecting us has been responsible for the lives of innocent Americans.


This is a picture taken of Timothy Evans, an¬†innocent man who died because of the failure of our criminal justice system. Evans was born on the twentieth of November in 1924. He had a rough childhood because of his slow development and tubercular sore that was on his right foot. As a result of Evans’ ailments, he was away from school often and was illiterate. On September 20, 1947, Evans married his Beryl Thorley and just like any other marriage, their’s was not easy. Timothy and Beryl had a daughter in 1948 and the following year, Beryl was pregnant again. With tough financial circumstances, the couple considered an abortion because they felt as though they would not be able to care for another child financially. Timothy’s neighbor, John Christie had agreed to perform an abortion on Beryl. Timothy went to the police station one night claiming that his wife died after taking a mixture Christie gave her to terminate the pregnancy. Also, Christie told Timothy that his daughter was being looked after, but police found Timothy’s wife and daughter wrapped in cloth strangled to death in the wash house. Under pressure and facing slow mental development, when Timothy was asked if he killed his wife, he replied “yes”. During his trial, within forty minutes, Timothy was found guilty. Evans was hung on March 9, 1950.

Three years later, it was discovered that John Christie was not only responsible for the lives of Timothy’s wife and daughter, but many women who were found dead in his apartment complex. The bodies were stored under floor boards and even a thigh bone of one of the victims was used a a prop in Christie’s garden. There was evidence that would have saved the life of innocent Timothy Evans. What are your thoughts on this? What can be done to make sure that the innocent is not being wrongfully accused and executed ? One last thing to consider, mentally ill persons are supposed to be exempt from execution as a result of their disability, but not only was Timothy wrongfully executed, he suffered from mental development issues as well and he was still executed.


Choosing Your Death


Does this look good? This is the last meal of Allen Lee Davis before he was executed. Davis killed a woman and her two daughters as well as a woman who was three months pregnant. The husband of one of the women murdered , John Weiler attended the execution of Davis. Weiler was disturbed by the fact that he had to wait seventeen years to see the man who killed his family put to death. He believed that Davis should not have been given 17 years of life, even one year of Davis being alive is far too unjust for a man who murdered and took the lives of others. What are you thoughts on this? I mean God forbid, but imagine just for a second that you were in the same predicament as Mr.Weiler would you have similar feelings towards the execution of Davis? Should murderers be immediately sentenced to their death or should they have to serve time in prison before sent to their deaths ?

Second order of business; During the execution of Davis, his nose bled. Witnesses noticed what was a small spot of blood, to Davis’ shirt being drenched in his own blood. Executions are meant to make the death of the prisoner as close to painless as possible. Even with the electric chair, a certain a mount of voltage is supposed to be administered in order to make death painless. ” ¬†The electric chair is supposed to automatically apply 2,300 volts for eight seconds, followed by 1,000 volts for 22 seconds, then 2,300 volts for another eight seconds”. However, charts show that in the case of Davis, just about have the amount of volts were applied. It has been argued that with the numbers of volts lower, it makes execution more painful. I understand why they consider making death painless, but if these prisoners are as cruel and evil to land them in an electric chair, does it really matter? Do you think that maybe a lower voltage was applied to make Davis suffer and feel more pain ?